What is Cognito?

Vehicle owner
Vehicle owner

Smarter Car
Smarter Car

Cognitio is an advanced artificial intelligence platform developed by Heuro Labs GmbH that has been tailored for use in mobility applications. The system is capable of ingesting multimodal data in real-time and learning from the data on the go allowing OEM's to develop cognitive vehicles. From personalizing the in-cabin experience to predicting the next stop Cognitio provides a powerful set of tools that empower OEM's to quickly create intelligent solutions.

How it works

Facial Recognition

On-board cameras, microphones and sensors accurately detect the passengers of the vehicle. Cognitio can mine this data to understand the age group, sex and attire of the passengers.

Load Settings

The cabin interior can be customized based on the types of passengers in the car.
From lighting control, heating, music preferences to setting up individual seats Cognitio is capable of mining multiple data sources in order to create the ideal driving experience.

Fast Learning

Cognitio is capable of learning from small data sets as well as input from passengers, which results in its ability to learn quicker than other solutions.


When a user skips a song Cognitio is capable of learning from the triggered action that this song, during this time of day and driving conditions is not preferred by the driver.

Labeling Data for Autonomous Vehicle Systems

Based on different data streams such as video data combined with geo-location data Cognitio is capable of providing rich scene classifications from the trip and label the data on the go, rapidly decreasing the development time of self-driving vehicles.

Scene Classification and Search

Based on collected video data Cognitio is capable of providing drivers a feature that allows them to search for route specific information such as :

"What was that building we just passed?".


With an unprecedented 98% success rate Cognitio can base on personalized learning predict where the driver will stop or head to next. From creating new partner eco-systems to optimizing the driving experience our algorithm proves crucial for OEM's to develop the next generation of mobility solutions.

In-Cabin Settings Available

Cognitio can control a range of settings in the vehicle including...


Music Selection

Cognitio will select and play music based on what it thinks you’ll like.


Seat Angles / Heaters

Seat angles and heating controls are set to the users preference.


Lighting Preferences

Lighting settings can be adjusted to suit the time of day or to create ambience.


Mirror Angles

Automatically set the angle of your wing mirrors.



Cognitio can remember where you’ve been and offers predictive navigation to improve the driving experience.


A/C Settings

Control the temperature settings inside of the vehicle based on current outside temperatures.

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